Tips To Secure Your Home Against Burglary


To reduce burglary risk, implement simple precautions like securing doors, timer switches, safe key storage, not keeping large amounts of cash, and using alarms.

The perimeter of your home and garden should be at least 1.8 meters high.

Secure side gates or doors with padlocks or deadlocks, and consider a dense prickly hedge as a barrier.

A good home insurance policy can help recover property costs. We will explore some helpful tips that can prevent burglars from gaining entry.

Home Entrance Security


For high security, consider consulting with a reputable Residential Fence Contractor to install strong metal or solid hardwood doors, each at least one and three-quarter inches thick.

Doorframes must be equally strong and fit securely.

Peepholes or wide-angle viewers indoors are safer for identifying visitors.

Sliding glass doors present a particular problem, but special locks can be found.


Key locks are available for windows.

Double-hung windows can be secured by “pinning” the upper and lower frames together.

For street-level, think about installing metal accordion gates.


Deadbolt locks are best, usually with a key from the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.

The cylinder should be pick-resistant.

Ask for a reputable brand or buy locks from a reliable locksmith.

Install a Home Security System

Home security systems are essential for preventing burglars and alerting you to break-ins. A home is three times more likely to be broken into without a system.

Security cameras can detect movement in the yard and front porch, as well as in the door and window. Sensors can alert you if someone has entered or attempted to enter.

Affordable security systems and DIY options are available for budget-friendly installation.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights can discourage burglars from breaking into homes by allowing them to keep moving. Investing in motion-sensor lights can catch intruders off-guard. Both high-end and budget-friendly outdoor security cameras can enhance your video surveillance system.

Be smart about your hide-a-key

consider placing that house key beneath your doormat or in the flowerpot on your porch. These well-known hiding spots for extra keys are known to burglars. They will search there first.

Alternatively, consider entrusting your friend or neighbor with the spare key if you must keep an extra key outside your house.

Consider more secure options like a hidden combination lockbox or, at the very least, a secret spot far away from your entrance.

More care and attention to detail may help ensure your house’s safety.

Lock your garage

To ensure home security, lock regular garage doors and windows. Also, keep garage door openers in the house and interior doors closed.

Retrofit smart garage door openers can be purchased to remotely check garage status, control it, and schedule shut-off times.

This prevents potential entry into the home.

Ending Note

This content aims to discourage burglars and keep your family safe. Start by focusing on a few items and gradually move on to other areas.

Also, consult a reputable fence company for security, and install sturdy fencing and secure doors and windows with solid locks.

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